BTS MicroLogistic

Tool management system with vending machines and software ensures controlled supply of tools in the production process. Usage by individual employee or department can be controlled. It enables automated ordering and stocking, inventory forecasting, demand planning and reduce floor space...
BTS Micrologistic system can equip your production with inventory and software regarding your specific requirements such as products quantities and dimensions.
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AutoCrib® created the entire industrial vending category of solutions and has provided over 20,000+ automated inventory control systems for manufacturing companies worldwide.
AutoCrib® is an international leader in the industrial vending industry with clients in automotive and aviation industry, energy sector...
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RoboCrib® VX500   RoboCrib® VX1000   RoboCrib® LX2000
capacity: 628 items   capacity: 1048 items   capacity: 2574 items
wxdxh: 810x760x1910 mm   wxdxh: 860x1000x2000 mm   wxdxh: 1600x1600x2140 mm
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The electronically controlled access system LISTA Electronic Control gives you maximum flexibility to allocate and manage access rights. This means that you can not only control access to the entire cabinet, individual drawers or the drawer compartments developed specially for this system but can also combine different system versions in a single cabinet. Just as required.
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